Reading at the Enoch Pratt Library

Reading at the Enoch Pratt Library



“Festival of Season Words”
Five Poems from Umberto’s Night
“The Girl They Hired Fromm Snow Country” 
“In this earthly Garden,” “Who, Me:’ and “Nanking is My Mother”
“In the Between” 
“After the Storm” 
“As If It Were a Child” 
“Tonight I Am the News” 
“Tea Ceremony” 
“On Stones” (audio)
“Field Guide to the Dishes” 
“Red Room” 
“Continuously Arriving” 
“Every Snakes Needs a Place to Hide” 
“Shimmer” (audio)
“Chainsaw Artist” 
“Late Addiction”
“Fear, Desire—Feathers That Fly”
“Determined by the Underside” 
“A Congress of Monsters”
“Pentimento,” “MiG Fighters Bumped My Story Off Page One,” and “About SRO”
“The Black Ops of Pop” 
“If My Father Had Died,” “Skin Remembers,” and “Doll”
“Love Misdemeanors”
“How It Is”
“The Fire Sermon: Follansbee Coke Plant”
“Headlights on the Bottom-Feeders” and “They Remembered the Nightgown I Wore”
“Analect of the Fly” and “Strays”
“Incident at Myth’s End,” “Aubade,” “The Great Tortoise of Ray’s Sports Tavern,” and “Matters and Mask”
“You, Thief” and “The House Belonged to Echoes”






“The Fifth Way of Wearing Vermillion”
“The Change”



"Congress of Monsters"



Pratt Podcasts - The Girl Who Loved Mothra
Pratt Podcasts - Sue Ellen Thompson and Kathleen Hellen



“Everyday Halloween” 
“Nine Circles” 



Little Patuxent Review - Umberto's Night
Good Reads - Umberto's Night
The Jet Fuel Review Blog - “A Month of Sundays”



Poetry and Power - An Interview with Kathleen Hellen
Smokelong Quarterly - Smoking With Kathleen Hellen
Connotation Press: An Online Artifact - “Web at the Center of the World,” “From the Metro,” “A Monarch of the Undiscovered Countries,” “If,” and “Goodnight, Irene”